Lone Bech

Lone Bech

Location: Germany

Lone Bech born 1943 in Copenhagen.
She lived and worked in different countries until she settled down in Germany, north of Lake Constance, in 2002. She started studying art in 2012 at Barbaratorium, Copenhagen and continued at Akademie der Bildenden K├╝nste, Kolbermoor and Arteloco to name a few. In 2019 she started with two exhibitions in Germany and one in the center of Copenhagen, Denmark. February 2020 she had her first solo exhibition in Germany. Her works belong to private collectors in Switzerland, Germany and Denmark. She is an award winning artist and member of Kunst Stuttgart International e.V. and W├╝rttemberger Kunstverein Stuttgart.


Lang Lang, concert pianist

Acrylic on wooden board, 30x40x3 cm, 2019


2019, watercolor on paper, 20.5 x 35.6 cm

Petra Kopf, actress

2019, encaustic on wood panel, 40x30x3cm

Prof. Dr. Nils Jent

2018, encaustic on wood panel, 40x30x3 cm