Roza Janabayeva

Roza Janabayeva was born in 1963 in Kazakhstan. She graduated from TARSU with a degree of hydraulic engineer in 1985. Despite the mathematical thinking and technical skills, Roza has always been an artist. From an early age she was busy making jewellery, designing clothes, working with clay and sewing - essentially, creating things. However, only at the age of 50 she completely devoted to art by joining the studio of Nadezhda Filatova (an alumna of Saint Petersburg Academy of Arts after I.Repin), who has helped Roza to find her technique and an individual direction in art.


Animal World

Since the endangered wildlife is one of the most concerning global issues, a series of paintings dedicated to support and raise the topic of threatened animals has been created by the artist. These paintings made its public debut at Art Shopping Paris held on 18-20 October 2019.

Energy of Motion “Energy of Motion”

80x100, canvas, oil