Grace Hurtado

Grace Hurtado

Location: Argentina

I am a Cardiologist. However, I have loved painting since I was a child. I studied with different art professors. Since 2008 I began my career as a Visual Artist
My Style is Surrealism. I brush paint oil on canvas
My moto was the deceased Surrealist Artist Vito Campanella. But I am seeking my own style
My goal is to be recognized for my paintings.


Let your ideas fly

"Let your ideas fly" is my last painting. Oil on canvas. Sizes: 50 x 60cm.
Although the young woman looks upset, she lets her ideas fly free like butterflies
There is a circle surrounding her with Japanese characters that mean Love, Honor, blessed, and other beautiful ideas.

"Let your ideas fly" “"Let your ideas fly"”

Oil on canvas. Brush painted. Sizes: 60 x 50 cm. Style Surrealism

Tic Tac “Tic Tac”

Oil on Canvas. Size 50 x 30 cm. Time is running out.
Be wise, love and live life as better as you can. Tomorrow can be late

"Warrior" “"Warrior"”

Oil on vanvas. Brush painted. Size: 60 x 50 cm. Lige is a battle we have to fight every single day. Be wise. And never give up