June Levin

I am a California artist inspired by the light and landscapes of my environment. I work in oils, water media, and pastels. I enjoy plein air landscape painting, but mostly work out of my studio doing landscapes, people, animals, and I sometimes experiment with abstraction.



My landscapes are inspired by the natural beauty of the California hills, mountains, desert, and dramatic coastline.

Cypress Trail “Cypress Trail”

Plein air oil painting, 9” h x 12” w

Bean Hollow “Bean Hollow”

Springtime on the dunes along the Northern California coastline. Plein air oil painting
12” h x 16” w

Trail at Arastradero “Trail at Arastradero ”

Plein air oil painting of a hiking trail in the coastal hills of California.
12” h x 16” w

Virginia Lake “Virginia Lake”

Plein air oil painting done in the eastern Sierra Nevada range in California.
12” h x 16” w

Changing Seasons “Changing Seasons”

Plein air watercolor on pastel board.
10 1/2” w x 13” h