Loes Van Der Holst

Loes van der Holst (1956), born in Noordwijk (the Netherlands) choose not to do an official art education. Instead she studied pedagogic and worked with children. She also worked in catering and as a system manager but her artistic side kept nagging. She participated in courses and workshops ranging from art to photography and theater. In 1998 she made a definite choice for the arts. She wrote, illustrated and published a children's Christmas story book. She started teaching workshops to children and adults to stimulate their own exploration of the arts. She was asked to design an award for the most 'well known'resident of Delft by a local newspaper. She had countless exhibitions in the region and was invited to participate in the 2009 Florence Bienanale. Van der Holst won the first Rotterdam Biennale Award 2011 for two of her landscapes. Her work is truly mixed media and her topics are as diverse as life itself. She loves combining the images which fascinate her into a poetic 'story'.


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