Moussa Salman
I’m Dutch/Egyptian, retired, but I was a businessman, teacher, inventor and I love challenging tasks. I have a Bachelor degree in Economy from Cairo, Egypt and Bachelor degree in Education from Amsterdam, Netherlands. I never studied art or took any courses, I’m completely self-taught. My art represents the pain my family and I went through due to my daughter’s chronic illness, and it is inspired by her.
In 1999, my daughter Amal was born with one of the most difficult diseases, Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). It’s a rare chronic disease where the skin is very weak. Blisters and open wounds are formed by the slightest touch. She is in constant pain, all the time. There is no cure for it, and we’ve been struggling and fighting this disease every day since. It was a constant struggle to keep going and to reach a safe shore. My art was born a year later because of the enormous emotional and mental turmoil my wife, my kids and I went through dealing with this disease. I had never drawn or painted before, but somehow on her first birthday, I started making these strange drawings. Amal has become the centre of our attention and life ever since.
You will find that my paintings are very random but controlled. In every painting, I try to express myself to show the viewer what I have created and what I mean. However, most people who see my paintings, also see something different in them. My art can be seen from many different perspectives, but they all represent finding beauty within chaos and despair.