Edward Heim

ARTIST BIO of Edward Heim
Edward Heim is a self taught sculptor with no formal education in art. Born in Madrid, Spain in 1961. Heim was educated in Europe and the United States and began creating free standing forms in 1999. His interest in carving stone stems from his 20 years of experience in the preservation of historic stone masonry. Heim currently works out of his studio in Morris County New Jersey. His professional affiliations include The National Trust for Historic Preservation, The Association for Preservation Technology, The Arts and Design Society, The Westport Art Center, The Greenwich Art Society, The Art Society of Old Greenwich, The Katonah Museum of Art, and The International Center for Sculpture. Heim's work can be seen in public and private collections, art galleries, and museums in the United States, Canada, and Europe.


Edward Heim Sculpture

Carved discarded Construction debris (Ciderblock and Concrete)

Demonic Chants “Demonic Chants”

Carved construction debris (Concrete and Cinderblock)

Boy Meets Girl “Boy Meets Girl”

Carved discarded Construction debrbis (Concrete and Cinderblock)

Dirty Politition “Dirty Politition”

Cement in Aluminum Frame

Premenition “Premenition”

Concrete with yellow hue by the process of melting plastic onto surface of sculpture with acid

Cyclops “Cyclops”

Carved and Polished Marble

cyclone “cyclone”

Twisted metal beam with Mortar and stone built in a whimsical form

Stallion “Stallion”

stained wood and copper

La Maja “La Maja”

Carved Marble Female Figure

mood rings “mood rings”

Cast concrete half rings with Jackson Pollock inspired Paint Job

Power Search “Power Search”

White Marble and Black Granite (Work in Progress)