Piero Barigelletti

piero barigelletti

Location: Italy

I was born and grown up in Ancona (Italy), from there i did travel been interested in Art Gallerys, Museums and spots. Now i live in France. i'm a self-taught artist.


Now days

The scene is created, the title is what you smile inside, like lakes that generally holds there levels.

il labirinto “il labirinto”

It was prepared for the covid contest
printable in many surface
36 x 44 cm

dolci parole “dolci parole”

printable in many surface
81 x 16 cm

referenza “referenza”

printable in many surface

36 x 44 cm

Solitario “Solitario”

printable in many surface

72 x 106 cm

Viale “Viale”

The idea was that once is printed in pvc or what else material, can be esposed in rooms and staff with open sunny window.
mesures: 112 x 78 cm

Sophie “Sophie”


103 x 105

Geometrie “Geometrie”


190 x 187 cm