Debbie Court

Debbie Court sculpts in papier mache clay. Living in Cardiff, South Wales, most of her working life has been spent in the world of classical music and opera, but running parallel to this has always been a need to make art. She has been sculpting in paper mache clay since 2014 and works mainly to commission - specialising in detailed and personal portraits.

Sculpting the human figure is her passion - recreating the character of a human face and in suggesting personality, mood and especially movement in the physical stance of a figure. Her sculptures are a mixture of classical and contemporary styles; some are head and shoulder studies whilst others are more delicate, full length figures. In some pieces she keeps the sculpture in the natural colour of the ‘clay’ whilst in others she uses coloured, textured and patterned papers and a range of coloured powders. Each piece is unique and is between 15cm and 40cm in height.

Her work sells worldwide via online platforms and occasionally in galleries and exhibitions.


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