Pavlova Elena

Elena Pavlova was born in 1967. She lives and works in Moscow.
A member of the International Arts Fund. A member of the Creative Union of artists of Russia. A member of the Professional artists’ Union. She is an active participant in different exhibitions since 2006. Her woks can be found in private collections in Russia and abroad.
“Artist Elena Pavlova, while keeping the tradition of realist art, which is laudable at the time of obscurantism of the would-be artists, has achieved considerable success in her work. In the works of the artist there is independence in solving creative problems, identity, and absence of banal decisions as well as presence of good coloristic results. Elena Pavlova’s works have a property of significance, and therefore, are very memorable. Many of her paintings bring to the people the feelings of lyrical sentiment and kindness”. (Distinguished artist of the Russian Federation Ginsburg M.V.)


My pictures

Water-melon picture “Water-melon picture”

2011 60x70 oil on canvas

Attraction “Attraction ”

2008 70x80 oil on canvas

Still life. Garda “Still life. Garda ”

2008 50x60 oil on canvas

Dreams “Dreams ”

2009 70x70 oil on canvas

Dock in Casteletto “Dock in Casteletto ”

2010 30x50 oil on canvas

Valley. In grey “Valley. In grey ”

2011 30x40 oil on canvas

Fishing on a rock “Fishing on a rock ”

2010 80?100 oil on canvas

Three comrades “Three comrades ”

2010 60x70 oil on canvas