Charles P. Coffin

Charles Patrick Coffin, born In 1975 in upstate NY, has loved all forms of artistic expression ever since he could remember. He’s studied art & art history and have taken College courses in drawing & painting to improve upon his talents & have competed & won many regional competitions in NY and national art competitions as well. although successful as a commissioned Artist he still feels his passion for Art exceeds his abilities. None of the art critics share those sentiments. "I will admit that any type of positive recognition as an Artist is great & I have been dreaming & wanting my entire life to be a recognized artist, but now I don’t feel that’s the important thing anymore. but true spirituality is because it helps you recognize your creator. However I do feel that I am a strong Artist at present and although my skills still continue to grow I have not reached my full potential & too me that’s a wonderful thing, and no matter what I'm always feeling that my passion for Art gets stronger & stronger every year. I love people and most of my works are Illustrations, Portraits Paintings & Drawings of people. Besides some of the disappointments in life people have the most outstanding design in all of our reality, so most of my work celebrates the marvelous expressions of the human.” Charles P. Coffin is still contributing fine works that will be appreciated by future generations. His artwork most recently displayed at the Ritz Theater & Lavilla Museum 2011 in Downtown Jacksonville Florida, & in many Homes and Art Venues in upstate New York, Mangiamo Italian Cuisine on Atlantic Beach FL. & NYC Connexion clothing store on 103rd st. in Jax Fl.