Daniel Abbott


Daniel Abbott was born in Devon in 1982 and now lives and works in London. He has exhibited work in London, New York, Gothenburg and Munich.


My work emerges from an engaging and often exhausting process of creating abstract compositions by layering whatever medium I'm using. As I work on a piece it will become chaotic, then I'll rein it back in. The work can become so multi-layered that I'll sometimes paint over nearly the whole canvas and begin again, leaving only small remnants of the piece in it's earlier state poking through.

The resulting work shows a history and evolution. It starts with confused messages between brain and hand being haphazardly executed into marks and images. Once these initial marks are committed, it's then a conscious process that determines which elements survive and which are covered or obscured by new marks.

Personal experience becomes manifested in my work. The mood of a painting can change according to how I'm feeling and it's up to my surroundings and state of mind to determine how a piece ends.It becomes clear what I am trying to express in the later stages of working on a piece.

The message I want my work to shout out is that life can be a harsh and unforgiving event, but when we are taken to dark or extreme places, humanity and beauty can be found in surprising locations and moving experiences.



Daniel Abbott

The images in my portfolio are key works in the three main areas of creativity I explore. These are Print, Painting and Wood Sculpture.

More work can be found at my website danielabbott.co.uk

Container 1056 “Container 1056”

Container 1056 (2011)
Promo image for large wood sculpture wall hanging piece. Part of the 'Container Series'.

Static Magic “Static Magic”

Static Magic screen print (2011). A2 size.

Flesh and Fire “Flesh and Fire”

Flesh and Fire painting.
Acrylic on canvas (2010).