Laurence Lignel

Some steps in few words..
French years: graduation in marketing and career in advertising work.
French alternative : Academic Sculpture in “Ateliers de la ville de Paris”
BA Visual arts : (ESMAC)
British enlightenment : Stone sculpture and Oil Painting in Kensington & Chelsea College, London.
American enrichment : Abstract painting, casting and live sculpture in Evanston,IL.
History of Art & Architecture from Middle ages to renaissance, HWCollege, Chicago
American experiences :
-Artist Associate at Palette and Chisel/Chicago (2005-2007)
-“A propos” community Art Studio in Ravenswood-Chicago (2007-2009)
-Space Division in Bucktown-Chicago (2010-
July 2010 Nominated at The French Oscars in Chicago, category Art & Culture



Everyone of us a piece of a boundless human puzzle, surrounded by shadows, an infinitesimal part of the outline that links us all. Single but connected, minuscule and identical from a distance, etched in geometrical shapes, our figures interwoven into an imperfect, corporeal mosaic.

Template “Template”

Oil on canvas

Ether “Ether”

oil on canvas

Replica “Replica”

Oil, pastel gras on reclaimed wood

Indigo on the go “Indigo on the go”

Oil, pastel gras on canvas

Specimen “Specimen”

Oil on reclaimed wood

Geometrics “Geometrics”

Oil, wax, pastel gras on canvas

TwobyTwo “TwobyTwo”

oil on cardboard / leather tile

binome “binome”

oil on carboard/leather tile

losange “losange”

oil on carboard/leather tile

Roots “Roots”

Oil and ceramic on reclaimed wood


About the lasting effects of adult’s failures on related children. How it could affect their lives from childhood and ongoing. The resulting fêlures (cracks) might stay undiscovered, denied and buried or in the contrary acknowledged and addressed. Unconsciously ignored or voluntarily hidden. Perhaps undetectable at first sight but undeniable with a change of perspective. It is just a stillness where everything around is moving, an unjustified feeling or an overwhelmed response. A recreated memory, an overworked imagination, an hypersensitivity. It’s feeling a difference, a temporary void, a desire for something that has never been. From failure to fêlures.


Gravity: The force that causes mass to fall towards the Earth.
A very serious quality or condition. Conjuring one’s most primal fears.


Childhood memories
like a carousel of old diapositives
faded colors or overexposed
Trying to grasp those innocent and fleeting moment.


what binds us together is the matter of our origins. We are part of the same tribe, originated in the same fashion. Humanity is our essence. Your distress resonates in me because I could be you. Your appeal for protection, for refuge is both vital and fundamental to any human being. we are all linked together, in our veins run the same fluid that can be exchanged to save lives. We are intertwined.