Paolo De Luca

Paolo De Luca

Location: Italy


Paolo De Luca sketches, pollen and transfer to a harmony of moods never explicit, mysterious. Paintings large and synchronic reveal about the history of modern art, creating a line of story-telling images spiral analytical thinking in order to turn to the sublimation of the playful, joyous and playful, to bend a curved walk radiant aesthetic.
Those colors are used by the painter in oil strictly dilated and nemesis in the study of memory, are works that give a sense repeated rhythmic dance.
Paolo De Luca was born in Forli, 1943, but naturalized Rimini, he said: "I feel I have in me two persons, one poetry and one pictorial." Two mirror-faceted souls who are refracted both in a single focus: creativity, synonymous with desire to grow and operate through an active search that continues unabated claiming success in the public and critics. The oil paintings on display in the Sala degli Archi, located in the heart of Rimini, express a dizzying rush surreal, transposition of matter in the metaphysical world. The elegantly muted colors and suffused provide cohesion to the movement, winning a motor pyrotechnics, elliptic and formally extended to the scenic lake creations reminiscent of oriental gardens or Paris, printed in still water from the marsh lights timbre that recalls the poetry within. The poetry expresses a versatile analysis of the word, similar to the direction set in a fatality raised in exhortation caressing literary naturalist. Paolo De Luca love design, architecture and the virtual world, but the suppleness of the word that calls to express a sense of perspective, a perspective evoked by fossil plants, from plowed fields, from light jealous of light absorbed in contempt Spring and voluptuous singing.

Milena Massani


Modern e Metaphisic canvas

The philosophy that I apply to my art of painting is surreal / metaphysical and another to landscapes, my personal evolution to the modern representation of landscapes

Dip in the star “Dip in the star”

Oil on Canvas 100x100 Year 2010

The Time “The Time”

Oil on canvas 90x70 year 2009

Love “Love”

Oil on canvas 100x80 year 2010

The Wheel of Life “The Wheel of Life”

oil on canvas 100x80 year 2010

The my soul “The my soul”

oil on cancas 50x70 year 1975

lovers Francesca & Paul “lovers Francesca & Paul”

oil on canvas 60x80 year 2011

The Bather “The Bather”

oil on canvas 80x60 year 2009

Messages of love “Messages of love”

oil on canvas 90x70 year 2009

Portraits dream “Portraits dream”

oil on canvas 40x50 year 1977

Yesterday, Today,Forever “Yesterday, Today,Forever”

oil on canvas 49x78 year 1972

The trinity “The trinity”

oil on canvas 60x80 year 1973

Arcane vision “Arcane vision”

oil on canvas 80x120 year 2009

The Rainbow “The Rainbow”

oil on canvas 40x60 year 2008

Butterfly in love “Butterfly in love”

oil on canvas 120x70 year 2009

Explosion of Love “Explosion of Love”

oil on canvas 90x70 year 2009

Good spirit Spirito buono “Good spirit Spirito buono”

Canvas graphics / oil painting on canvas on cardboard support the artist Paul De Luca year 2009 measuring 25x35
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Quadro grafica/dipinto ad olio su tela su supporto cartone dell'artista De Luca Paolo anno 2009 misura 25x35

Tramonto “Tramonto”

quadro dipinto ad olio su tela