Jerrie Gast

works with all painting and drawing mediums-- displaying in Galeria Regina and Dovey Mcleod Gallery in Houston , Texas.
Currently working with acrylics and experiencing what can happen with the paint as it is manipulated using different additives on different surfaces. Present work would be called abstract and expressive realism.
Graduated from Michigan State University with and art practice major--several minors. credits in other universities.
Past President of Watercolor Art Society of Houston
Many special shows such as Texas, French Alliance, Venue Painting, Darke Gallery(one person show)
Past Galleries
Art Etc.
DaVinci Gallery
Canal Street
Many awards and other shows around the country.
Group shows with the acrylic artist I am working with and learning from.



an acrylic pour with absorbant ground for the watercolor

ester “ester”

acrylic pour with absorbent group for watercolor lady

crusaders “crusaders”

acrylic pour with found crusaders brought out with a brush