Deborah Esses

Deborah Esses was born in Argentina, but lives and works in London.
She works in acrylic and mixed media and figures in movement is her main theme. She specialises in Tango dancers and athletes, digging into the psychology of each of her characters.
Deborah studied in Buenos Aires, in the Middle East and in London, for more information please visit her website .


Tango Dancers

These women have very long legs and the men are always lollying in cafes waiting to Tango. Tango in the morning, Tango in the street, Tango in the bar, life in this series is based on Tango philosophy, which is not simple, but it's full of passion.

Tango Twisted “Tango Twisted”

Tango starts in the mind and it twists the body through, so that the dancer shows the rythm with every inch of the body, including the facial expression.