Jenna Lamont

Jenna Lamont

Location: Canada

Jen lives an active vibrant life and has the rare gift to see into the deeper meaning of life and convey it in her inspired creations. Over the past 10 years she has inhaled the world, interpreting the hidden meaning and let it flow into her medium enabling the consciousness to transcend in a oneness with the artist to a zenful enlightenment as they breathe the energy of her message.

Her world travels are uniquely represented as she captures an old world spiritualism in her subtle blending of tones and texture which draw her audience to a peaceful awakening. Her pieces show a calm respect for world cultures relevant to today's audience causing pause to reflect in the subtle mystical message her work incorporates.

Each piece is an insight into an old soul offering an glimpse into the imperceptible undercurrents of humanity, the gentle wisp embraced by only the gifted few felt in twilight, captured in essence as fragile as gossamer carefully interwoven in the essence of the piece as the one snowflake captured on a special journey rises above the rest and comes to one as a trance as clarity in wonderment in a surreal peaceful journey where one does not dare draw a breath as they are in time immortal.


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