Harry Giglio

harry giglio




portraits of people and animals that appear human.

Gillian “Gillian”

portrait of an albino child

Approaching Storm “Approaching Storm”

portrait of a cobbler unaware of an approaching storm

Pig “Pig”

profile of a pig

Late Night “Late Night”

portrait of a business exec working after hours

Pups “Pups”


Julia “Julia”

Girl in water

Train Man “Train Man”

portrait of a business man in a retro setting

Field of Dreams “Field of Dreams”

dog looking across an open field

Don “Don”

portrait of a man with cerebal palsy

Morning Dance “Morning Dance”

Portrait of a Native American dancing in the woodlands

Vet “Vet”

a vet alone on a couch

Falcon Chic “Falcon Chic”

bike messenger portrait