Dale M Reid

Dale M Reid

Location: Canada

Contemporary fine art photographer Dale M Reid has gone through many transitions in life: from leaving the corporate world and entering the art world, to the discovery of inter-femininity and a new outlook on life.

Photography has always played an important role in Dale's life; however, since 1999 she has developed and moved into a second career as a fine art photographer. Dale's outlook on life changed drastically when her life partner and soul mate was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Despite the challenges over the years, their relationship has never been stronger.

Dale's artwork continues to be recognized internationally by the Black & White Spider Awards. At the 9th annual ceremony, she was honored with six nominations in the Still Life, Professional category. This was the fourth time in five years that she was recognized for photographic excellence. Her first recognition came at the 5th Annual ceremony, when she was honored with a nomination in the Still Life, Professional category for Pear Affair #2 -- one of her first still life images -- selected from among thousands of entries. The Black & White Spider Awards jury is comprised of photography industry leaders including The Royal Photographic Society, FoMu Fotomuseum, Aeroplastics Contemporary, Torch Gallery, Stockho;m City Museum to Fratelli Alinari in Florence.

Using black & white film and traditional photography methods exclusively, Dale's artwork has depth, feeling and an underlying sensuality. With experience in the field and studio, she creates work in a variety of areas including landscapes and interpretative self portraits.

Dale's artistic style captures the world around her, showing its beauty through the interaction of environment, shadows and lighting. Her black and white floral images explore the artistic expression of the flower, which has resulted in several images being recognized critically both locally and internationally.

With an affinity for pears, her still life portfolio generates life, energy and emotions; it is far from 'still'. Dale's creative juices come alive as she experiments with presentations and lighting in her still life images. This is particularly evident in The Pears Series; 'Marching Pears', 'Dessert Pears', and 'Pears Dancing In The Rain'.

Dale's latest series, The Oyster Mushroom focuses on shapes and textures. Rather than title each image, they are numbered sequentially to engage the viewer to form their own interpretation for each picture. In 2013, Dale was invited to have ten images from her mushroom series featured in the Spanish photography magazine 'arte fotografico' along with thirdteen other international photographers.

Inspired by studying other photographers work and other art forms, her artwork has been compared to classical photographers such as Edward Weston and Ansel Adams, as well as to contemporary photographers such as Robert Mapplethorpe and Cindy Sherman.

Based in Toronto, she exhibits regularly in Canada and the United States where she is recognized by her unique and innovative style.


Floral Studies

She creates most of her images in the studio selecting unique subjects from local flower shops. Through the effective use of lighting, shadows, floral lines and different backgrounds she sets out to create a piece of art. The objective is to bring out the artistic expression of the flower itself.