Konnie Laumer

My name is Konnie Laumer, an artist living in Colorado. I'm a self taught artist working primarily in Acrylic paint, I also work with pin and Ink, water color and what ever else feels good at the time. My work is very diverse as I don't like to fit into any one style or subject matter. I like to keep it fresh, flowers and butterflies one day, a city scape, abstract, or animal. I'm most known for my abstracts and textured city scape paintings, although many people favor the flowers as well. I love working with pallet knife as much as the brush and incorporate both in many of my paintings. Metallic paint often times makes it's way into most of my work. Sometimes that is all I use. I love to blend metallic paints together and create very reflective scenes. You won't ever see my painting about dark things, I feel life has too much of that and art should pull you out of a bad day. My goal is to take the viewer to a different place or see the humor in a smirk from an orangutan with the title "So, you say you like red heads?".

My most recent show is at The Broadway Gallery in New York City for the June International Artist at Home & Abroad Series starting June 6 thru June 28, 2012. I have prints available of the three abstract pieces that will be on display in the gallery.

Konnie Laumer

Contact info: Konnie@ARTbyKONNIE.com



Here you will find a sampling of my art. A lot of my paintings have a heaving use of metallic, iridescent, and lame paint. I create abstracts, realism, portraits, and an array of other subject matter. You can’t place my work into any one category as I love to mix it up and keep it fresh and diverse. I'm a self taught fine artist and have a degree in graphic design with which I worked in the field for many years. Now I strive to paint full time.

My most recent show is June 2012 at The Broadway Gallery NYC, and I will be showing three abstracts. If you like my art, contact me for more info.

Bird of Paradise Tulips “Bird of Paradise Tulips”

TITLE: Bird of Paradise Tulips
SIZE: 24" X 30"
MEDIUM: Acrylic
YEAR: 2005

Dimensional Shift to Five “Dimensional Shift to Five”

DIMENSIONS: 12" X 36" X 1.5"
MEDIUM; Acrylic with tones of metallic
YEAR: 2011

Lot's of earth tones and vibrant metallic paint in this lively abstract. This painting is bursting with color and perfect for accenting a narrow wall with a big punch. A real contemporary statement piece to brighten up a room.

The canvas is gallery wraps, art wraps around the edges, and the painting is ready to hang.

15th & California “15th & California”

DIMENSIONS: 48" X 48" X 1.5"
MEDIUM: Acrylic
YEAR: 2008

This is 15th & California during the 2008 Democratic Convention hosted by the city of Denver. I was so captivated by the setting I had to paint it.
It has to be seen in person to really appreciate! This painting was featured in "Pieces of Denver" in the April 2011 issue.

Giclée prints 38" X 38" gallery wrapped canvas available as well as on archival paper in varied sizes.

LIST PRICE for Original: $8000.00

Baby Elephant “Baby Elephant”

SIZE: 24" X 30"
DIMENSIONS: Acrylic and Metallic Paints
YEAR: 2010

This is my first painting of the new decade. To me this baby elephant represents the birth of a mind that will remember everything that it has awakened to. Even though they are so wrinkled and rough on the exterior baby elephants are viewed as one of the cutest and most vulnerable species, well protected by their elders. They look so foreign in nature to us yet we can see their kindness and intelligence in their eyes.


Mile High Denver Gold Rush “Mile High Denver Gold Rush”

MEDIUM: Acrylic Metallic and Iridescent colors
YEAR: 2009

Showing: Also at: http://ARTbyKONNIE.COM

Denver on a day when the sky and all the buildings seem to be gold like the gold rush Denver was so famous for. Framed in Black. Very vibrant with a sky lit with gold. Very textured buildings painted with pallet knife.

LIST PRICE: $1400.00 Includes Professional Mounted Black Wood Frame.

International buyers please contact me prior to purchase for accurate shipping fees at: konnie@ARTbyKONNIE.com

Scarlet Sunset over Denver “Scarlet Sunset over Denver”

DIMENSIONS: 36" X 36" X 1.5"
MEDIUM: Acrylic w/ tones of metallic and iridescent colors
YEAR: 2008

A Denver city scape primarily painted with pallet knife.


Harry Silverback “Harry Silverback”

DIMENSIONS: 14" X 18" X 1.5"
MEDIUM: Acrylic, metallic paint
SIZE: 20" X 24" X 1.5"
YEAR: 2010

This silver back gorilla was so much fun to paint using metallic paints for the silver tones in his hair. Capturing
the animals soul expression is the key to bringing life to a portrait of any animal.

International buyers, please contact me prior to purchase for accurate shipping fees at: konnie@ARTbyKONNIE.com

Available at http://www.ARTbyKONNE.com

In Other Worlds… “In Other Worlds…”

DIMENSIONS: 48" X 9" X 1.5"
MEDIUM: Acrylics Metallic, and Iridescent
YEAR: 2011

This painting was painted entirely with pallet knife with metallic and solid colors accented with clear colored interference paint in blue, green, gold, violet in the white areas giving this painting wonderful reflective areas. The canvas is stretched by me, gallery wrapped and the painting is ready to hang. This painting is the size and style I've become known for among my art purchasers.


Jokers Wild “Jokers Wild”

MEDIUM: Acrylic Metallic, and Iridescent Paint
YEAR: 2009

Playful multidimensional, multicolored orbs dancing through dimensions.

Available at: http://www.ARTbyKONNIE.com

Island on the Lake “Island on the Lake”

DIMENSIONS: 24" X 8" X 1.5"
MEDIUM: Acrylics Metallic, and Iridescent
YEAR: 2012

Island on the Lake. A sanctuary, a get away, a place to be alone. This painting takes you there.

This painting was painted with mostly metallic and iridescent paints to give a real reflective feel. I love painting on this size canvas too. It's a perfect size for a pint size masterpiece that can go in the best places. Amazing color any angle you look at it. Amazing clouds with the traditional master painter feel.

Available at: http://www.ARTbyKONNIE.com

Playing In Another Reality “Playing In Another Reality”

DIMENSIONS: 30" X 36" X 1.5"
MEDIUM: Acrylics Metallic, and Earth Tones
YEAR: 2012

Oh so fun and fluid this painting is. Bright bold colors next to vibrant metallic gold, antique gold, bronze, silver, copper, then soft touches of marbling here and there along with a splash or two for movement. This painting is signed on the side giving you a chance to explore it four different ways. I can't decide which way I like it best.


Inquire to: Konnie@ARTbyKONNIE.com