Jean Fitzpatrick

Jean Fitzpatrick

Location: Canada

Jean is mostly self-taught, but has attended many workshops, courses and has taken a part time Fine Arts Class at Northern College in Timmins, Ontario.

Jean has been an active member of various Art Associations throughout Ontario and British Columbia, with awards from the juried shows, as well as sales over the years.

Jean is currently a member of the Oceanside Community Arts Council in Parksville, BC.



Scenes from various cities and locations

Al's Cottage “Al's Cottage”

Cottage on Trout Lake, North Bay, Ontario

Autumn “Autumn”

Autumn on Trout Lake, North Bay, Ontario - SOLD

Changing Tides “Changing Tides”

On the beach of Parksville, BC

Comox Glacier “Comox Glacier”

A view across the city to the Glacier. - SOLD

Church Hill “Church Hill”

Church, convent and Priest's Residence on the Hill of Bell Island, Newfoundland. - SOLD

A Tofino Morning “A Tofino Morning”

Tofino on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, BC.

Clear Cut “Clear Cut”

An area that has been "clear cut" for logs near Courtenay, BC

Cobalt Headframe “Cobalt Headframe”

An old gold mine in North Eastern Ontario near the town of Cobalt, which has been turned into a museum

On Deck “On Deck”

North Bay, Ontario on Trout Lake

Forest Trails “Forest Trails”

Rathtrevor Provincial Park, near Parksville, BC

Garry Oak “Garry Oak”

Nanoose Bay, BC. light snowfall on the Garry Oak near the shore

Junction Creek “Junction Creek”

In Lively, Ontario (near Sudbury), ink pen sketch

Lac Suel “Lac Suel”

North Western Ontario

Northern Lake “Northern Lake”

Timmins, Ontario

Paradise Meadows “Paradise Meadows”

Mount Washington, cross country ski site, Courtenay BC.

Red Chair “Red Chair”

After a snowfall in Courtenay BC - SOLD

Tranquility “Tranquility”

A cabin at the foot of the mountains, BC

Vesper Point “Vesper Point”

Nanoose Bay, BC SOLD

Jocko Point “Jocko Point”

Sturgeon Falls, Ontario

Lake Muskoka “Lake Muskoka”

Near Huntsville, Ontario

Hornby Island Arbutus “Hornby Island Arbutus”

Off Vancouver Island BC

North of Superior “North of Superior”

Near Pancake Bay and Wawa Ontario

Trout Lake “Trout Lake”

North Bay, Ontario

The McIntyre Gold Mine “The McIntyre Gold Mine”

Schumacher, Ontario

Race Around the Rocks “Race Around the Rocks”

Annual Regatta at Nanoose Bay, BC


Ontario, British Columbia locations.


Ontario, British Columbia locations.

Autumn “Autumn”

Canoe put away for the winter season on Trout Lake, North Bay, Ontario

Clear Cut “Clear Cut”

Clear cutting area on Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Changing Tides “Changing Tides”

On the beach in Parksville, British Columbia

Cobalt Headframe “Cobalt Headframe”

An old goldmine in Cobalt Ontario, now a museum of mining.

Old Shed “Old Shed”

An old shed in the village of Cobalt Ontario

Comox Glacier “Comox Glacier”

a view of the Comox Glacier from Courtenay, British Columbia

Forest Trails “Forest Trails”

A trail through Rathtrevor Provincial Park in Parksville, BC

From the Balcony “From the Balcony”

A view from the Balcony - somewhere in Italy

Transition “Transition”

A view from the deck on Trout Lake, North Bay, Ontario

Garry Oak “Garry Oak”

A scene from Nanoose Bay, British Columbia, with an old Garry Oak which had long ago fallen across the rocks but continued growing.

Arbutus Trees on Denman Island “Arbutus Trees on Denman Island”

Stunted Arbutus trees on Denman Island, British Columbia

Jocko Point “Jocko Point”

A river near Sudbury, Ontario

Junction point “Junction point”

An ink drawing of the river near Lively, Ontario

Lac Suel “Lac Suel ”

A view from Lac Suel, Ontario

Lake Muskoka “Lake Muskoka”

The light house on the point on Lake Muskoka - the "near north" in Ontario

Lake Temiskaming “Lake Temiskaming”

Near Timmins Ontario

Meatbird Lake “Meatbird Lake ”

A favorite swimming spot near Sudbury Ontario

Moonlight Hills “Moonlight Hills”

Lively Ontario, a beautiful winter night with the moon very bright.

St. Edwards Academy “St. Edwards Academy”

A girl's catholic school on Bell Island, Newfoundland

Nightfall “Nightfall”

An evening sunset over a wetland in British Columbia

Lake Superior “Lake Superior”

An evening view of Lake Superior near Pancake Bay, Ontario

Northern College Campus “Northern College Campus”

During an art course at lunch this was the scene towards Porcupine Lake, in south Porcupine, Ontario

A Northern Lake “A Northern Lake”

Near Timmins, Ontario

Northern Woods “Northern Woods ”

Near Timmins, Ontario

Orient Bay “Orient Bay”

A view of some homes on the French side of St. Martine DWI

Paradise Meadows “Paradise Meadows”

Cross Country Ski Trails on Mount Washington, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Race Around the Rocks “Race Around the Rocks”

Annual sailing Race around the Rocks in Nanoose Bay, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Sint Martin, DWI “Sint Martin, DWI”

A home in Sint Martin, dutch West Indies.

The Mac “The Mac”

A woodblock print of the McIntyre Gold Mine in Timmins, Ontario

The Red Chair “The Red Chair ”

A snowy scene in Courtenay, Vancouver Island, British Columbia - SOLD

Rubbernecking “Rubbernecking”

A visit to Toronto, Ontario prompted this idea when I discovered 3 men standing on the sidewalk with heads bent back looking up at the buildings.

Tranquility “Tranquility”

A small farm in the valley at the foot of the mountains.

Trout Lake Breakup “Trout Lake Breakup”

Spring, and the ice is crystalizing with crackling sounds and the fog rises over. North Bay, Ontario

Vesper Point “Vesper Point”

Nanoose Bay, Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The area was owned by a church for years with underprivileged children attending camps in the summer. Recently sold to the Regional District and will be maintained as a park for all to use.

Village in France “Village in France ”

During a trip to Europe, I had to stop to get this photo.

Winter through the Window “Winter through the Window”

South Porcupine, Ontario with a cold winter and the Pine and Evening Grosbeaks would be at the feeder for the sunflower seeds.

Tofino “Tofino”

A camping trip to Tofino, British Columbia where it contined to rain or be foggy.


A memory from my childhood of my Grandmother working in her garden

Cobalt Post Office Trip “Cobalt Post Office Trip”

While on a week long art trip, these two ladies were making their daily trip to the Post Office, and I thought it was quite special. New Liskeard, Ontario- SOLD

Environmentally Sounds “Environmentally Sounds”

While on a trip to Vancouver, the rainy day was brightened with this couple off to do their daily routine with the bright umbrellas

En Plein Aire “En Plein Aire”

At the Art Course near Cobalt Ontario, this was a young lady doing her sketching in front of me.

Feeding Time “Feeding Time”

My Grandmother again feeding the hens

Homestead Memories “Homestead Memories ”

Two sisters looking at the home where they grew up. Brigus, Newfoundland. - SOLD

Hospital Hills “Hospital Hills”

South Porcupine, Ontario - the best way to spend winter. This area was behind the Hospital

Keeper of The Light “Keeper of The Light”

An image from my imagination of a lighthouse keeper.

Lady in Red “Lady in Red”

An image from my imagination - no one in particular

Show Time “Show Time”

Being the owner of a beautiful Samoyed, we both learned how to "show" and it was mostly to the credit of Holly herself that earned her a championship by 9 months of age.

The Skaters “The Skaters”

North Bay, Ontario and neighbours cleared a patch of the children on Trout Lake

Still Life and Abstract

A variety of subjects to occupy myself

Blossoming Out “Blossoming Out”

A tulip from the garden in Nanoose Bay, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Aspirations “Aspirations”

line and colour

My Boots “My Boots”

Need them for the wet winters here in British Columbia - Pencil and Conte drawing

"Painted" Daisies “"Painted" Daisies”

From my garden, Courtenay, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Oliver waits “Oliver waits”

Our albino cat always waited for someone to open that door!

Lacy Snowflake Iris “Lacy Snowflake Iris ”

From my garden in Nanoose Bay, Vancouver Island, British Columbia