Liz Trdatyan

Liz Trdatyan was raised in Los Angeles, California born in Yerevan, Armenia. This eccentric yet traditional Artist went to Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, where she studied her academics and Visual Arts as her Art Major. Liz followed her passion by continuing her creative studies in the area of fashion design. She worked in the Fashion Industry for the next decade creating beautiful and interesting prints and garments for multi million dollar companies. After a sort of switching of creative trades, left the fashion Industry in pursuit of her natural born talent and passions of becoming a visual Artist yet again, A dream she gave up due to discouragement and fear of being a starving artist.
Her work has been written about in Yerevan Magazine Website. Liz has shown @Art to beauty, Los Angeles Convention Center, & Gallery Godo. Liz has big dreams that surround the work she produces., including helping children`s causes. Liz`s work encapsulates courage, freedom, struggle, survival and love. Liz enjoys working in all media. Her paintings are usually layers and layers of paint, and they take on a collage like effect. She uses a special technique which she calls glazing that coats and creates a beautiful coating to her work. Liz creates made to order pieces and is aspiring to do work for Hotels. With every stroke of paint, portrait or verbiage.. Liz`s work will engrave itself into your mind. She expresses with deep emotions and puts her heart and soul into her work. Some of it can be seen on her website.


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