Kay Rivers

Southern California Freelance Commission Artist



Artist Statement:

I believe it defines her total soul and being. It makes her who she is. Her perception of visual, kinetics and audiologist are enlightened through a sensitive reflective consciousness of being a part of the experience. She is one with and releases by sharing the visions, thoughts or feeling creatively. It's not her choice but, it is what she does and who she is that defines the art existing, living and breathing inside of her. Her ability to bring forth into creation makes her a True Artist. Inside of her is, a passion to show the world what she is and the way she views it. A visual expression of her life and the feelings she feels. In the process of applying paint onto canvas of, the feeling, visions or sounds. She creates abstract paintings. It defines who she is.

Working with oil, acrylic or watercolor paint. Using canvas, paper, or wood are most of my painting. Mix media works are also available.