John Ruby

John Ruby, a native of Illinois, attended the American Academy of Art, specializing in Photography and Illustration. At the age of 23, he combined his talents to become a photo/digital retoucher. As pos- sibly the youngest digital retoucher in the U.S. at the time, he began exploring Giclees and the Giclee process. For the past 20 years, he has continued his work with Giclees and as a digital retoucher.
After taking a hiatus from pursuing his own art for over 10 years, due to personal reasons, John has plunged ahead into the abyss and focused more intently on his art these last few years. He has taken his life experiences and influences, the good and the bad, and turned them into expressive and color- ful works of digital art.
He began as a transparent watercolor artist and decided that wasn’t enough, so he began delving into the unknown by combining his conventional art along with digital art and photography. As the single father of two children, his passion for creating new looks and art is only enhanced. He is inspired by his children, music, as an art and enjoyment, and life’s everyday nuances and unpredictability.
He wants people to question his work, have them open their minds and let themselves see things and then explore those things within themselves. His work is an exploration of technology and traditional art. As technology grows and changes and his life changes, his canvasses are unlimited and the inspi- ration to create in place. And when all is said and done, he can leave the commercial art world behind and focus on the fine art world of tomorrow.



My art is a combination of conventional art,digital art and photography.

collapse “collapse”

This piece was created from paintings I did on a metal surface that I then photographed ,I then alter these photos and composite them in Photoshop.I print limited editions on various archival mediums , paper, canvas , glass.

Disintegration “Disintegration”

This piece was created from a watercolor done on metal and dyes on ice that were then photographed. I then composite my photographs in photoshop to get the end results. I then print limited editions on various archival mediums , paper, canvas , glass.