Sergio Rapetti

Sergio Rapetti

Location: Italy

Artist: Painter, Sculptor, Poet

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I am Sergio Rapetti, I was born in 1944 in Acqui Terme (AL) where I reside. Autodidact. I have begun my artistic jobs of painting of oil on canvas in 1984. My works mainly space between the figurative one and the impressionistic abstract. Since the nineties, I give myself up to the sculpture on wood also, my utensils are gouges and hammer, besides I write poetries. I desire to remember that every work of sculpture is carved on an only wood piece, I also remember that all my paintings are with thick paint or less, are exclusively performed on canvas with painting to oil without addition of other substances and with the same painting they are always signed with the date of the year in the right inferior angle. Some works of paintings, of sculptures and of poetries have a great philosophical meaning. I have participated in manifold shows , the most important are: Exposure to the Gallery Gamondio 1992 (AL) -The seven personal exhibitions at the Regional Wine Shop of Robellini Palace in Acqui Terme - The show exposure economic activities of the Acqui Terme - The personal exhibition at the Grand Hotel Nuove Terme of Acqui Terme - In the Cultural Center, the Company, of Commune of Ponzone - In the Gallery of Art Carlo Carrà of Guasco Palace, which is the seat of the Culture Department of the Province of Alessandria - 1° Biennial International of Art, Museum of Chianciano Terme - In the final International Art of Sanremo – International Art Italy Villa Gualino of Torino – Received Quadrennial Award the Gold Palm For the Art in Cannes, France - Fair of Art Modern of Forlì with the Alba Gallery - Collective Exposure in the Gallery Argò of Athens in the Prize of Tokyo - Received Award Stylistic Excellence - Collective in New York near Chelsea Fine Arts Bldg Rogue Space – Collettive exposure Sanremo Art Gallery in the prestigious Room of the Theater Ariston of Sanremo - Received Official Nomination of Academician of the Artistic Avant-Garde - Received International Award of Art Vincent Van Gogh in name of the high worth of the reached professional results and Award Human Rights General Giuseppe Garibaldi in name of the historical bond, founded upon the Ethical and Moral values of the assertion of the Right, Between Peace and Liberty, High Recognition to Personality of the World of the Art, of the Scienze, of the Culture - Received Gold Mercury Award for the Art, for Artistic and Cultural Worths in Cesenatico - Exposure in the prestigious Room Murat of Bari – Exposure in the Palace of City, of the Commune of Sogliano Cavour in the 150° anniversary, that gave the denomination Cavour to the City of Sogliano - Fair of Contemporary Art Milano Novecento II Edition, Park Exposures Novegro - Exposure in the Museum Magma (CE) - Received Award Salento Door of East, High Recognition to Personality of the World of the Art, of the Science and of the Culture and Award Special Human Rights, in the International Demonstration of Art, of Science and of Culture among the most important of Europe – 1° Biennial International of Art of Palermo – Biennial Art's Expo in Monaco, Montecarlo - Received Conferment Biennial Award of Art Visual Lion of the Doges in Venezia - 2° International Biennial exhibition of Art of Izmir, Turkia - Received Conferment International Award of the Peace in the Art G.O.M.P.A. accredited near the Nations Unided “ ONU ” New York - Exposure in the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Monreale – DFG Arte24 7° International Prize of Painting and Graphics Christmas of Roma - Received Trophy The Ethereal Window with certificate that attests 1°classified in the 3° International Contest of Visual Arts, Milano - Received Conferment of the Biennial Award Oscar for the Visual Arts for Artistic Worths in Montecarlo - Show Market in the Gallery of Art Anacapri, Island of Capri - International Fair of Art Contemporary Art Shopping of Paris Palace of the Louvre, France - Received the prestigious Trophy the Gold Hawk with certificate that certifies 1° classified section sculpture in the Contest 1° Biennial International of Art, the Gold Hawk (CL) - Partecipation VI edition Present' Art Festival City of Shanghai, China - Exposure in the spaces of the Trispace Gallery Bermondsey in London, England – Literary Award Dante Alighieri, Guicciardini Bongianni Palace of Firenze – National Prize of painting Trophy of the 20 Regions, Museum Villa Vecchia in Roma - Participation in the 1° International Biennial exhibition of Art of the Castles of the Gera d'Adda, Inspired to the Dialogue - Participation in the show of International Art , RISE the Art Listens to the Heart, at the Castle Estense of Ferrara, organized by ArtTour International – Received Trophy The Ethereal Window as 1° classified in the 4° International Contest of sculpture and Cup 3° place for the section paint, Milano - Received certificate of nomination Artist for the Unicef , (Pa) - Received by the Academy Santa Sara of Arts, Letters e Sciences the Oscar Award of the Art , Academic conferment with title of Doctor honorary degree of philosophy of the art - Partecipation with the gallery ART UPCLOSE in New York in the Fair of Art Spectrum Miami, Architectural Digest Design Show and Artexpo New York – Received Conferment of the Awards Artist In the History, Monreale - Artexpo Salvador De Bahia V° Edizione, Museu Casa Do Benin and Museu Eugenio Teixeira Leal, Brasile - Received from the Center Academic Maison of Art of Padova certificate of nomination Academic Artist for Artistic Worths and rewarded with the Marc Shagall Award - Received from the Academy Santa Sara of Arts, Letters, Sciences the Conferment of the Oscar Award for the Art and the Culture 2016 as 1° classified, with the following motivation "To the Worth of the Art and the Culture in the World"- Received from the Academy S.S. Honorary Diploma In Ph.D in Art and Philosophy of the Modern Search - Received International Prize of Visual Arts DIANA'S WALK 2017 – In final in the 11th Edition 2017 of the European Literary Prize Versilia Club - Participation in the 14th International Fair Art Contemporary “ ARTGENOVA 2018 ” - Received the prestigious recognition to the career for artists professionals and entrepreneurs “Canaletto Award 2018” for artistic worths, edited by Vittorio Sgarbi -

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My works are situated in private collections, museums, public corporations and galleries.

At present the coefficient of quotation is 4 in increase.

Oil On Canvas, 50x40 - 19,69” X 15,75”, Euro 3.700,00

Oil On Canvas, 70x50 - 27,56” X 19,69”, Euro 4.900,00

Oil On Canvas, 80x60 - 31,50” X 23,63”, Euro 5.700,00