Bruno Bruno

bruno  bruno

Location: Italy

Bruno Bruno was born in Naples, where he lives and works in his study in 49 Rampe Brancaccio street. He studied at Perugia academy Peter Vanucci, where he attended the painting and restoration courses and where he begins to mould his artistic Identity.
He studies in detail the pictorial technique and the contents of the works of the Flemish Bosch, then the surrealists Dali, Ernst, Margritte, Tanguy.
Afterwards he sees and lives in a different way and with a different sensibility the past master's art. In a surrealistic space, in the paradoxical immobility of a time that passes inexorableunknown projections emerge on a bare painting as a dechirichian metaphysical heritage, where empty and improbable architectures and extreme architectures symbolize a deep sense of loneliness and alienation of the human being. Men's small figures - nearly pointed even if in their completeness - start un utopian fight against the time. He thiks back through able plays of lines and colours, the abstract shapes of the figurative arts of the last century, and reproposes them with his personal view: in a rich universe of dreamy contents, subtle and fantastic atmospheres, where everything evokes last memories, forgotten dreams, even if unconsciously hidden in restricted meanders of the memory.


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