Self-taught artist living in New York.

My paintings are instinctual inspirations. Borne of the soul and ushered into form by the guiding hand of music, they dance and sing with spirit.


No Sermon From Stones (Organic Abstracts)

Skirting the frayed seam that weaves imagination with the subconscious, I explore the concept of nature run amok – a world in which the natural order reclaims all and fills the void created after man vanishes (or is removed).

Our planet is alive – relentless, primitive and wild. It breathes, shutters, sprouts, cracks, bulges, crashes, blooms, bucks and lashes. This sanctified stone is filled with thickets and thorns, flowers and fronds, blossoms and breath-taking beauty, wind-driven waves, erupting mounts, creeping vines, shimmering falls, majestic peaks, deep jungle mist, exotic calls, and feathered nests. I stand in awe – humbled by its authority, dazzled by its strength, and inspired by its beauty.

A Season of Great Distress “A Season of Great Distress”

Oil on Canvas - 72 x 60in

Shrinking Violet “Shrinking Violet”

Oil on canvas - 72in x 72 in

Perfection in Absentia “Perfection in Absentia”

Oil on panel - 44in x 36in

Lapis Lazuli “Lapis Lazuli”

Oil on hardboard - 36in x 30in

Upon the Wind an Invocation “Upon the Wind an Invocation”

Oil on panel - 48in x 48in

Secession “Secession ”

Oil on canvas - 72in x 60in

The Delicate Arrival of Aurora Quintessence “The Delicate Arrival of Aurora Quintessence”

Oil on panel - 54in x 48in (framed)