Nancy Vee

We all have gifts? sometimes we do not realize or do not use it right away. All my life I was drawing and in my mind creating paintings, in the beginning life at self did not give me opportunity to do what my heart wanted.-Paint-
Come in USA 25 year ago trying to survive in so many different ways. The last two years GOD gave me opportunity to bring my life experience in Art world and thru beauty of colors to talk to the world from canvas.
I study art with western artist Chuck DeHaan, love abstract and impressionist side of Art.
Born 1967 in Monte Negro (Mali zi) ,now live in Texas small town where I enjoy simple life trying to learn every day what Art world can bring and do for us.
My teacher Chuck DeHaan sad to me :Paint what is inside of you and never be satisfied because the moment you are happy with your work your learning stops?and you can go fathered?
I like to present the past of my childhood in my art. Is very interesting how Art can teach you about yourself and everything else how is connected with us. Thru art we record the times and life and that is beautiful experience that never ends?. I love my day to begin and end with easel and brushes every day in my life and I am happy.
?Art is the shadow of the past and light of future?.
Western artist Herb Mignery sad: GOD creates Artist Interpret


Nancy Vee

Painting emotion ,movement and thoughts.....

Latch “Latch”

Is oil on canvas, in this peas I paint it a latch thru the colors of wood and latch I tried to present untold story’s from past that each person have.

Winter touch “Winter touch”

Is oil on canvas worked with pilot knife, the texture on canvas is what I was looking in abstract way to present winter in wiled forest

They know “They know”

24x24 oil on canvas Abstract gives as open door to show emotion on canvas, this painting is talking about faith and hope

Falling “Falling”

oil on panel 7x24
Water is one of subject that I love to study thru colors this paintings is presenting the movement of waterfalls with pilot knife

Nona Movi “Nona Movi”

24x30 oil on canvas
She has smile of hope and love and she changes her colors as you see different things in her. I used pilot knife on this painting…is my favor way to express myself on canvas.

Untouched moment “Untouched moment ”

oil on canvas,To be connected with nature is what is missing this days in our life’s, I love to paint the landscaping special to give them untouched look by human

My Teacher “My Teacher”

Oil on canvas ,24x30 portrait of Western artist Chuck DeHaan