Debra Franses Bean

British artist Debra Franses Bean makes handbag sculptures that challenge the way handbags are traditionally portrayed as a closed and secretive intimate female space. She also paints canvasses that depict the female form in various states of comfort and anxiety.

Graduated from Central Saint Martins in London she started ARTbag in New York in 2009.

Her work plays critically with whimsy as she takes on the role of global consumer and voyeur. Her sculptures are unique and highly polished transparent resin handbags containing consumable objects from their imagined owners. Together with her paintings we enter an unspoken and psychological dialogue with object and body language. Her latest solo show is The secret language which examines this space.

Debra is internationally represented by well known galleries based in London, New York, Palm Beach, Antwerp,Paris and Holland and has shown at many of the major world art fairs in the last 4 years.

Please visit where you can see more of her work and buy direct form the artist.



Artbags are resin sculptures of the same handbag over time full of colour, objects and memoribellia from real or imagined owners.

She She “She She”

This bag stands 60 cm tall and contains designer lipsticks and cast channel perfume bottles. It weighs 15 kg and has taken over a year to perfect. It is the ultimate expression of the mummification of consumer desirables from Artbag. Its price reflects the effort time and uniqueness of this work of art.

Shooting Beauty “Shooting Beauty”

This artbag contains a gun and designer make up and cracked Channel bottles. It is a symbol of the temporary and fragile nature of beauty.
Weighs 15KG
Height 60 cm
Width 40 cm
Depth 18 cm


DFBean paints women in various states of comfort and privacy.

Peek a boo “Peek a boo”

A woman is half seen in a world of interior and exterior, inside outside, lush growth and invites is to play.

My heart is forever changed by the people Ive met “My heart is forever changed by the people Ive met”

A woman in the privacy of her boudoir and the privacy of her IPhone checks her messages and responds to a moment of intimacy in this and a virtual world.

Commission for Robin Ganellin “Commission for Robin Ganellin”

I was asked to create a Portrait for the Scientist Robin Ganellin and this is the result.
An oil painting encompassing three canvasses , the world and the personal and professional
achievements of this special man for his 80th birthday to be presented to him from his family.
This sort of work takes several months to complete from starting meetings to completion.

Titania “Titania”

A picture full of life and nature