David Beers

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BFA 2002 Corcoran School of Art + Design. Award winning artist. Figurative, botanical illustration, oil, pastel, sculpting, mixed media and abstraction.

ars longa vita brevis


Sample from portfolio

More can be seen at my website, dbeersfineart.com

untitled “untitled”

This is a fused glass bowl made from 5000 pieces of hand cut glass. It measures about 14 inches across.

Primative Art “Primative Art”

Made of diorite and fusing aesthetics from chinese dynastic art, Inca art and the Yoruba tribe (present day Nigeria, Africa).

Obama Inauguration “Obama Inauguration”

Image of an Obama supporter at the mall during his speech.

Untitled “Untitled”

A silverppoint drawing of a lily

On the way to Bethany Beach “On the way to Bethany Beach”

A pastel painting of a landscape next to a gas station on my way to beach vacation.

Machinations “Machinations”

a large 4' x 6' oil painting in the classical style utilizing an underpainting and glazing but with abstraction as the theme.

Daily quickie “Daily quickie”

I draw somebody almost everyday wherever I am. Quick and live. No posing.

nude “nude”

One of many. This one in crayon on paper from a model.

KKK hoods “KKK hoods ”

This is one of a series of KKK hoods I reengineered using different fabrics to alter the content or meaning of the work. The one using the traditional Kafeya (black and white checkered cloth worn by terrorist Yasser Arafat and others) was fabricated and exhibited the day before the towers fell.

Dance Man - stepping out “Dance Man - stepping out”

One of 7 mixed media on paper works of model Joseph Perna completed in a single afternoon.