Cheryl Parsons

“A painter’s brush consumes his dreams.” John Keats’ statement has been a driving force behind my passion. As a painter of realism, my college years were a series of experiments in abstract expressionism (the “ism” of that time). The frustrations of this popular style almost curtailed my desire to paint, setting aside my painting for a career as owner of a successful advertising/marketing firm for twenty years in Miami, Florida.
Painting entered my life again by a request of an interior designer who had seen some of my recent work and commissioned a trompe l’oeil painting for a restaurant. Not to turn away a challenge, I agreed. That one small opportunity turned into a new company I became proficient in painting murals, trompe l’oeil and decorative designs. Murals ranged from small to 800 sq. ft. or more and are still in private and corporate collections, retail stores, restaurants - including Burger King International Headquarters, Sunglass Huts and Spec’s Music Stores throughout the Miami and South Florida area.

Making the move to the Metropolitan Washington, DC area – offered wonderful artistic opportunities. There are so many artists and world class museums. I am in my element. Since my life has been an exploration of interpreting “the realistic”; my interests have been focused on painting everyday objects with a twist. Oversized apples, marbles, candy, crayons, games. The bright side of life! I chose objects that have been subjects in my life or it may be the attraction of color or shape. My paintings have been exhibited throughout the Metro DC area in galleries and exhibits with awards including “Best of Show” several times. Currently, my paintings are in a permanent collection at PassionFish Restaurant in Reston, VA, patron collections and on sale at Skynear Designs – 2122 18th Street NW in Washington –

Honors have included a grant to live for a month in 2010 in Dinan, France – a beautiful area in Brittany. I was honored to have one of my paintings chosen and added to the collection of La Grande Vigne. In addition to local exhibits, my work can be seen in juried art festivals in South Florida – Miami, Key Biscayne, Boca Raton and Palm Beach; and Metro Washington, DC areas. Consult my website for exhibit dates.


Cheryl Parsons, Contemporary Still Life Artist/Designer/Muralist

As a Contemporary Still Life Artist my paintings are of objects that are meaningful to me and I hope that the viewer will have the same connections. Marbles, crayons, supersized M&M's, toys, is all about color and fun. The paintings are either oil or acrylic. My paintings and murals are in many residences and corporate offices and restaurants in Metro Washington, DC and Miami, Florida. Fine art paintings range from 30x40 to 6x6. Also, giclees are available on canvas or archival paper. Contact: -

Spilled Candy “Spilled Candy”

Oil on Canvas - 30x30. Giclees available in custom sizes.

Big Red “Big Red”

Oil on Canvas - 36x48 - Featured in permanent collection of PassionFish Restaurant in Reston, Virginia. Giclees are available in custom sizes.

Pass Go “Pass Go”

Monopoly Corner - 30x30 in acrylic. Set of four corners available. Custom sizes in giclees.

In Jail “In Jail”

Monopoly Corner - 30x30 acrylic on canvas. Original available and giclees in custom sizes.

Go to Jail “Go to Jail”

Monopoly Corner - 30x30 acrylic on canvas. Original available and giclees in custom sizes.

Free Parking “Free Parking”

Monopoly Corner - 30x30 acrylic on canvas. Original available and giclees in custom sizes.

Free Gumballs “Free Gumballs”

Acrylic on canvas - 30x40. Original available or giclees in custom sizes.