Lynda Howitt

Lynda Howitt

Location: Australia

Lynda Howitt is an award winning, contemporary seascape artist. A lifelong love for the ocean evokes a sense of dream-like emotion in her oil paintings and her unique vision sees the sea & sky intertwine.

Artist Statement

I have a life long love affair with ocean. I am obsessed with its beauty and the profound affinity we have with it.

A childhood growing up on the beach established a deep rapport the sea and it continues to inspire me. I feel most contented when the ocean is by my side, it soothes and awakens my soul.

I don't have any preconceived idea, I just paint from the heart. I let the painting evolve to be what it wants to be. The sea evokes extreme emotions, I strive to capture it's tenderness, its strength and its truth.

I love the intensity of sunsets and the playfulness of the surf, embracing its radiance and passion. The unique intertwining of the sea and sky in my paintings is like a reflection of life itself. I hope viewers connect with the peace and grace I try to create. I paint my feels so to offer them a bridge to theirs.

With the sun on my face, the wind in my hair and the sound of the waves, my heart sings. My paintings aim to be inspiring and beautiful, in their simplicity, resonating the natural inner beauty in us all.