Sandra Gayle Jordan

"Jordan is a favorite of the celebrity world and her paintings hang in collections around the world. A true visionary artist, Jordan uses her psychic ability to explore the inner world of the spirit as well as the universal energies to bring us visions of great tomorrows."
Don Williams of Chanel 4 TV News filmed a live interview of Jordan in her studio . They also filmed her visual and performing art show at Cinecitta to commemorate John Lennons birthday. John Lennon's portrait "Strawberry Fields" was on show for that entire year. This coverage brought a number of psychic imprssionist celebrity portrait commissions. Jordan along with her art has been touted on TV, newspapers, magazines, and even in the famous Cindy Adams column as well as many ART Publications.


Genesis Gallery - 57th St. NYC

Grand Central Gallery - 57th St NYC

Nina's Choice Gallery - 57th St. NYC

Dyansen Gallery - Soho NYC

Lombardi Gallery - Soho NYC

Jadite Gallery - NYC

Art Expo - Javits Center, NYC, NY

Zeigler Gallery - Zurich Switz.

Lafayette Gallery - Dallas TX

National Art Sources & Services - NYC

Darell Ramos Gallery - Dallas TX

Guild Hall Museum - East Hampton, NY

Atlantic Bank - NYC

Cristal Bay Gallery - Peekskill, NY

Winthrop Collection - Madison Ave, NYC

Miracles Gallery - Sag Harbor, NY

Marylou's - NYC, NY

Letizia Gallery, NYC, NY

Kazan House of Beauty - NYC, NY

Shagreen Gallery - Savage Mill, Md.

Sundance Gallery, Bridge Hampton, NY

Watchung Art Center, Watchung, NJ

Ryan Chelsea Center NYC, NY

LU MEN Gallery NYC, NY


Communications Consulting Corp

Lessin Technology

Breslow & Walker

Ziegler Corp.

Smart Card International

National Communications Association

Association for Information Management

Universal executive Centers

S.A.M. Associates


Progressive Ribbon

International Card Technology Institute

Jordan says, "I see life as a metamorphosis, an infinity, a cyclical flow of energy. A universal energy with no beginning and no end. I paint that energy. When I paint a flower, I am that flower. Sometimes when I paint, I am unaware of what I am painting ------ Only that I am painting."

Jordan studied art at New York.s famous Art Students League. She studied anatomical drawing with the famous artist "Gustav Rehberger through whom, "I learned to see as well as sense the life and motion in the human form.

Gary Faigan gave me the structure and the wonderful Michael Burban the joy and sense of accomplishment. Through Richard Goetz I learned to see form, colors and composition. Hilary Holmes gave me a knowledge of the palette and the discipline necessary to paint realism, while Nelson Shanks taught me the difference between sketching and painting a portrait. Thomas Fogarty and Oldrich Teply taught me to see and express freely what I saw and gave me the faith in myself not to doubt my abilities. The famous abstract artist, Richard Pousette-Dart gave me an understanding of abstract thought and emotion. This understanding gave me the freedom to express my feelings in abstract form on canvas."



oils on canvas & oils on linen

Visionary Art

surreal oi on canvas paintings