Jaye Ouellette

Jaye Ouellette

Location: Canada


Jaye Ouellette is a recognized Canadian visual artist. Jaye has exhibited her work many times, through galleries in Canada and the US, including six solo shows in Toronto. She has been awarded numerous grants, through the Ontario Arts Council and the Ontario Craft Council, and has had the honor of serving as a juror for an OAC grant. Her work is included in a number of private and corporate art collections. Her commission work is extensive, most notably, the Skydome Hotel, in Toronto, and has created the annual awards for "Toronto Women in Film". She has lectured about her work both in Canada and the US. Her work and show reviews have also been featured in various art publications. Jaye worked for several years, in the film and television industry, as a 'Key Scenic Artist', in Toronto, where she gained experience applicable to her own art practice. This rekindled her interest in painting, something she continues to do today. She moved from Toronto to Nova Scotia in 2003. Ever evolving, Jaye is currently painting and creating sculpture in her studio on the Ocean in Nova Scotia, Canada.


Wave Paintings

In this recent series of 'wave paintings', Jaye is exploring the constantly shifting patterns of light and colour of the ocean. Focusing on the ephemeral quality and kinetic energy in that frozen moment when a wave is about to break. She finds it fascinating how many elements contribute to the architecture of an individual wave, the currents, off shore and on shore winds, swells and tides. "For me a wave is like a snowflake, each one beautifully unique". Jaye first approaches a painting as a small study, where she focuses on color and composition, this then may or may not lead to a larger painting. www.jaye.ca

"The sea, once it casts it's spell, holds ones in it's net of wonder forever" Jacques Cousteau