Location: Italy


Born in Krujé (AL) in 1978, Edmond Haxhiu is inscribed in the Academy of Fine Arts in Tirana which will also leave after six months for financial reasons and that in 1998 led him to emigrate to Greece and then Italy where he settled and learn Smith's job, where it inspired him to neglect his artistic passion .. rediscovers
Sculpture. Begins to participate in some local group exhibitions, which may not meet the expectations of the artist who finds himself again pilgrimage. and the goal of this time and over the ocean where it is placed in close contact with different races and cultures intermingled in which he will be of great help to his artistic research. In an collective exhibit in Clawson knows Sen. Henry E. Stallings who is also the title of a contemporary art gallery at Livernois,
and it is the latter suggests that in 2004 the first solo exhibition.

Led Display,

P.F. Galleries Clawson
Gallery On Third Rochester

Art On The Ave
Livernois Detroit

Picture Talk Galleries Southfild

Hotel Tirreno Spotorno (SV)

Studio Arti Visive Artemisia, Largo Matteotti Snc, 09010 Musei,
Prov. Carbonia/Iglesias (CI)

Associazione Culturale Athena Arte – Via Palmiro Togliatti, 3
00045 Genzano Roma

Eventi Arte Via Roma, 72 – Enna

Associazione Culturale Galleria Hesperia - Via Spaventa

Secondo Concorso Internazionale Di Arte Contemporanea “CITTA Di Praeneste” 1° Classified
Associzione Culturale Semata Rassegna Internazionale D’arte Contemporanea “STOICHEIA Elementi” Locorotondo (BA)

“ Tradizione E Innovazione” Degli Zingari Gallery-Catacombe Della Suburra Via Degli Zingari 52/54 Roma

Artisti Per L'unita D'italia “Impronta D'autore” Rocca Paolina Sala Cannoniera Perugia
Con La Prefazione Critica Di Prof, Giovanni Zavarella.


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