Denise Jones Adler

BS in Fine Arts from Hofstra University. Live and work in NYC as a photographer artist. Married with 3 kids.



Mixed media collage on canvas and wood panels

Angel “Angel”

Mixed media photo collage

Magazine nude disguise “Magazine nude disguise”

photo collage mixed media, oil stick on paper

Another dead poet “Another dead poet”

30 x 40 in collage on Canvas, mixed media.

karyukai -Willow in the flower world “karyukai -Willow in the flower world”

40" x 60" total size, Mixed media collage, Diptych on Canvas done in 2014.

The stoning “The stoning”

Diptych on found wood, 2014 Collage and mixed media 2013

Hope is all that was left “Hope is all that was left”

Thinking about Pandora and her box, the one thing left after her action released all kinds of mischief into the world, was hope!

Spirit “Spirit”

The spirit gives us strength and pushes us to move forward and resist. 15” x 15”

The small death III “The small death III”

About realizing our feminine power and escaping rigid gender roles. Give voice to the unheard victims. .

Partial eclipse “Partial eclipse”

About a long relationship and the complementary interactions that evolve between two people.