Jonathan Sanders

My artwork is a credit to my loving family, as well as all those who inspire and encourage creative expression. Space is often referred to as "necessity for sculpture," it is where we create and bridge both objects and emotions ...a setting to echo the experiences and ever-changing relationships that transpire between process and materials. While highly driven towards intuitive decisions and unforeseen results, I often stumble upon inspiration and concepts spontaneously. The materials and found objects that I encounter play significant roles in influencing a sculpture's direction and concept, although steel usually has a strong presence in each piece. Uniting both my passion to construct with a profound hunger for explorative challenge and adventure, sculpture is my release in three dimension.



Aftermath “Aftermath”

concrete, steel, wood
76" x 28" x 21"


Breakdown “Breakdown”

resin, railroad spikes, insect devoured wood, vinyl, steel
82" x 14.25" x 6.75"


Faction “Faction”

steel, concrete, tar, found object
32.75" x 30.75" x 13.5"


Echo “Echo”

plywood, steel, acrylic, stain


Dominion “Dominion”

steel, granite, patina
58" x 29.25" x 21"


Explore “Explore”

steel, found object, rope, powder coat
40.75" x 30.5" x 19"


Core “Core”

steel, concrete, found object, lacquer
95" x 16" x 16"