Patrizia Ricca

patrizia ricca

Location: Italy

Patrizia Ricca was born in Alfeld in northern Germany where has spent part of her early childhood.

However her Italian origins have brought her back at home, where she studied art which concludes with a discussion of the thesis of the History of Art painters and singers at the beginning of '400: Cultural exchange with the masters of Italian art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome.

On the same year has won the first prize at the International Competition La Portella in Carsoli with the painting The Refuge. From now on she follows other exhibitions of paintings and graphics in Italy and Abroad.

The artist, working in Rome, deliberately chooses the beauty and clear out of her mind and reveals, without artifice of language, the perfect adherence to the values expressed by the history of art, in particular those values painter, whose around that circle linked to the spirit of life.

Reference Gallery : Italarte, Rome , Fidia Arte Moderna, Rome.Studio DR ,Rome



.oil on canvas format 90x80 cm