Patricia Glauser

Patricia Glauser

Location: Italy

Born in Colombia in 1967. In 1998, quit her job as a dentist, and leaves her country to follow her dream to become a painter. From 1998 to 1999, she studies painting at the Lorenzo de Medici Art School in Florence, Italy. In 2000, she takes design and painting courses at the Scuola di Disegno Art’E. She also studies decorative painting at the Istituto Statale di Porta Romana. In 2001, she inscribes to the Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze were she gets her diploma in painting in 2006. In 2009 she finishes a master in visual arts at the Libera Accademia di belle Arti (LABA). Since 2009 she teaches “Anatomia dell’Immagine” at the LABA.

2014: Blanco en Blanco, curadora Maria del Pilar Rodriguez, Galeria LGM arte internacional, Bogota, Colombia
2013: Vittime Bianche, Curatore Vito Campanelli, Galleria Mestre Contemporanea, Venezia
2012: In Bianco, L’atelier art studio and gallery, Florence, Italy
2010: Insight Outside, Galleria Lato. Florence Italy
2007: Un parcours a deux temps, Wavre, Belgium
2007: Personale L’orange Bleu, Dion – Valmont, Belgium

2014: “Nudité femelle revisited” Giuseppe Cordóni e Alessandro Paladíni, Scuderie Medicee di Seravezza, Lucca
2014: “Legame e Libertà – Conoscenza e Struttura, Andrea Luchetta, Galleria Elle, Treviso
2014: El dia y la noche, Viviana Vannucci, Accademia di Belle Arti di Spagna, Roma
2014: Contestualmente, Gianluca Morabito, Galleria Monogramma Arte Contemporanea, Roma
2014: Art Passage, Alexandra Matveeva, Galleria Open art, Milano Milano
2014: DonnArtista, Romina Sangiovanni galleria Merlino Bottega D’arte, Firenze
2013: Rassegna Internazionale d’Arte, curatore Ph Dr. L’Uboslav Moza, Galleria Slovenského Rozhlasu, Bratislava, Rep. Slovacca.
Bratislava, Rep. Slovacca.
2013: Premio ArtAbitart, Curatrici Sonia Mazzoli, Pamela Cento, Hotel Abitart, Roma
2013: Premio Art Caffé Letterario, curatrici Sonia Mazzoli, Pamela Cento, Art Caffé Letterario, Roma
2013: Crossover incroci tra genere e materia, curatore Andrea Ferrari, Garage Bonci, Pietrasanta (LU)
2013: Inequalia, curatore Angelo Peroni, Firenze
2013: Physis Contemporanea, Galleria Physis, Mestre
2013: Il colore e la materia, Centro Arte Moderna, Pisa
2012: Tessuti che parlano, L’atelier Art and Studio Gallery, Florencia, Italia
2012: Visone bianco e nero, pensieri a colori, Palazzo Zenobio, Barbara Vincenzi, Venezia, Italia.*
2012: Gender fluid, Centro D’Arte Moderna, Pisa
2012: “Visioni in Bianco e Nero”, Galleria Studio Iroko, Milan, Italy
2011: Oniricum, Museo della Specola, Florencia, Italia
2011: “BE” Galleria Rosso Cinabro, Rome, Italy
2011: Galleria Rosso Cinabro, Rome, Italy
2011: Oniricum, Museo della Specola, Florence, Italy
2011: Artdesign week, Galleria Bardi Contemporanea, Florence Italy
2009: Verde que te quiero verde, (Public art), Largo Anigoni/ Piazza Ghiberti, Florence, Italy
2009: Presentazione lavori finali, D’A Spazio D’arte, Empoli, Italy
2009: Communication box, (Video installation) Via dei Bardi, Florence, Italy
2007: Les fêtes de SanMartin, Nethen, Belgium
2007: Concorso Epifania 2007, Galleria Eustachi, Milan, Italy
2004: Profezie di bellezza 4, Caffé Storico Letterario Giubbe Rosse, Florence, Italy
2004: Mostra di Pittura, ex Chiesa di San Carlo di Barnabisti, Via S. Agostino, Florence Italy
2003:Accademia in mostra, Accademia di Belle Arti, Via Ricasoli, Florence, Italy
2000: Morfica, Sede espositiva Parterre, Piazza della Libertà, Florence, Italy

Winner: Premio Art Caffè letterario, 2013-14
Winner: Premio di tutte le arti 2013, L'arte per la dignità e la libertà della donna. Palazzo Vecchio, Salone dei Cinquecento, Firenze, Italia
Winner: Premio Afrodite 2012, La percezione simbolica, Arte Nigrescente,
Finalist: Premio Yicca 2009



Since I begin painting, I have been interested in studying the essential elements of a painting (color, canvas and wood). I think for example, that the canvas not only serves as the support on which the color is applied or a drawing is done; it can also play the main role in the composition of the picture.

In this works, the canvas plays the main role in the creation of forms. The color is a white: absolute, pure, essential and synthetic, that doesn’t create a form and doesn’t express a sensation or an emotion.
Additionally I exhibit the third essential element of a picture, the frame, that not only gives structure; it participates in the general composition of the work. I might say that the picture turns into an object between painting and sculpture (installation).
The result is forms and figures, like a dress that covers and at the same time discovers. They are forms that remind of the human body and its interior organs. A " canvas dressed”, that takes form, between matter and energy.

Momento 1

I think that painting does not need a description, a narrative or a definition. It exists because of its basic or essential elements (color, canvas, wood) which are manipulated from a born sensation given in a "moment / time". This moment begins when I sit in front of the “blank canvas” and I discover that it isn’t really a “blank canvas”, but a surface loaded with virtual and real images and ideas, that can turn into possible information and participate in the composition of the painting. In this "moment / time" a coalition of intuition, emotion and intellect perform together and manifest a visual expression.

In Momento I, when I manipulate the canvas, cutting, ripping, stitching it, I maintain the two dimensions of the canvas and at the same time I reveal, what is behind (inside or in depth). In this way an " in between" internal and external spaces (surfaces) can be achieved.