Lynn A. Buettner

Ms. Buettner has studied at several of the most prestigious art schools in the Northeast including: Rhode Island School of Design, The New York Art Students' League, the Paier College of Art in Connecticut, and the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston. Her work has been shown in galleries throughout the United States and Canada, and is in collections all over the world.

Summering on Martha's Vineyard Island, Ms. Buettner’s work quickly became known and collected by the local residents and returning island guests. Most originals were sold while still on her easel, and as her clientele grew, it become more difficult to keep up with the demand. Due to the high demand for her originals, she has now created high quality giclee reproductions and an entire product line which includes her signature greeting card with collectible art magnet, cards, magnets, and photo magnet frames. After licensing her designs another line of products was created intended for high volume orders including calendars, 3-d and regular notebooks, folders and all sized photo albums. Recently she was flown to China to do a art signing at the Canton World Trade Show.

After devoting the last twenty years to painting scenes ranging from realistic to impressionistic, Ms. Buettner is venturing out with her accomplished techniques and abilities, into the exciting and unusual world of intuitive expression. Letting go of conscious thoughts, an exciting, creative, sensual world emerges to be shared with the viewer. Her work has been used on many different projects including the Nash Bridges TV Show and the TV movie “Diary of a Mad Housewife”.


Master Collection

This portfolio is a sample of the many different styles I have done over the past 30 years.

Life Force “Life Force”

Life Force
Life Force is a story of the condition of our world twenty-five years ago. From the natural forces of nature with the volcano erupting to man induced pollution ruining our water systems the same issues still command our attention today. This painting was created with exacting detail even before the artist had any formal or technical training. Highly symbolic the butterfly represents personal freedom of spirit. The center or nucleus is the embryo where all unconscious thought begins. Drawing from that inner energy all life and thought forms then develop. The painting shows the progression of man vs. nature as in the scene on the top left with the American Indian and a point of time conjunct with the paddle wheeler slipping away forever and progress pushing all past into the future. The garbage truck collects debris from societies waste dumping it into our food chain, polluting the waters. The rainbow is dark and muddy yet Mother Nature is seen with the nurturing effect of our hopeful young spirits with the baby bald eagle…rare but not yet extinct showing hope for our future. There is a question mark in the top right with powerful orange-red leading into the Saudi Arabian oil crisis even today with gas prices almost $3.00 a gallon…A possible solution comes forth with the solar energy panels. Man again tampering with our delicate balance harpooning and farming our most beautiful creature the whale. A little girl figure symbolizing our own inner child and thought processes is getting ready for that leap of faith into new ideas and realities always ready to forge forward for the betterment of mankind…hopeful in that mother nature will preside as depicted with the hope in the lady bug and the daisy and finally the good outcome with a clear rainbow!

Happy Family “Happy Family”

Painting this scene I came across the fish facing the viewer and it started to have a distinct personality. I soon realized I had painted the personality of the client who commissioned me to do the painting. When I was delivering the painting she had a surprised look on her face and while smiling said “Lynn, that fish is me!” I wouldn’t have told her indeed that is what happened however from her reaction it was apparent that was whom it resembled.

Pregnant With Desire “Pregnant With Desire”

The subtle richness of this watercolor painting with it's sensual nuances keeps the viewer entranced. Softly flowing forms generate a feeling of warmth and compassion gently guiding the view inside their own inner world of delightful sensual feelings.