Bruce A. Morrison

Studying at the University of Iowa's School of Art, Morrison majored in Photography and minored in Painting and Serigraphy. The photographic landscape is treated in large, medium and digital formats; in painting Morrison prefers a plein air approach as well as a representational style, while his work in serigraphy plays upon a more graphic interpretation in shapes, line and color.

Bruce has a deep personal interest in the natural heritage of our remaining Tallgrass Prairie, and much of his work over the past decade has been deeply influenced by this subject. He has spent these years devoting time, energy, and his work in furthering and encouraging prairie reconstruction/restoration projects and education in NW Iowa.

Bruce and his wife Georgeann live and work on a prairie remnant in rural NW Iowa in the Tallgrass Prairie Pothole region.

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Phone# 712 728-2199


From the Tallgrass

The region in which I live influences the work I do each day, whether its through the ground glass of a camera or on the canvas. I paint and photograph from the "neighborhood" so-to-speak and am greatly influenced by our "natural" and "cultural" heritage. The work here is "from the Tallgrass", in every sense of the word.

July in the Valley “July in the Valley”

Plein air oil painting - 6X8" - © Bruce A. Morrison

A Prairie River Summer “A Prairie River Summer”

Oil painting - 9X12" - © Bruce A. Morrison

Cattle Crossing “Cattle Crossing”

color pencil drawing - 5X7" - © Bruce A. Morrison

Behind the Grove “Behind the Grove”

Plein air oil painting - 6X8" - © Bruce A. Morrison

Broken Kettle Winter “Broken Kettle Winter”

Oil painting - 8X12" - © Bruce A. Morrison

Low Water Morning “Low Water Morning”

Oil painting - 6X12" - © Bruce A. Morrison

Daybreak, Southwest Corner Fence Line “Daybreak, Southwest Corner Fence Line”

Oil painting - 12X24" - © Bruce A. Morrison

Ocheyedan Evening “Ocheyedan Evening”

color pencil drawing - 5X7" - © Bruce A. Morrison

Nearly September “Nearly September”

Plein air oil painting - 8X6" - © Bruce A. Morrison

July Afternoon, Compass Plant “July Afternoon, Compass Plant”

Plein air oil painting - 8X6" - © Bruce A. Morrison

Medford Avenue Bridge “Medford Avenue Bridge”

Oil painting - 12X16" - © Bruce A. Morrison

Barry Creek Cache “Barry Creek Cache”

color pencil drawing - 6X11" - © Bruce A. Morrison