Laura Seeley

Laura Seeley has written and illustrated award-winning titles,including The Book Of Shadowboxes and The Magical Moonballs. She illustrated Ray Negron’s New York Times best seller The Boy Of Steel as well as Amazon best sellers.

Her body of artwork features images from the whimsical to the photo-realistic. Laura's magical characters speak through expression and human-like eyes. She has displayed her art at shows and galleries and participates in animal benefits, with shared proceeds. Her images are licensed for handmade ceramic tiles, apparel and totes.

Originally from Andover, Massachusetts, Laura currently works in southern CA at Laura Seeley Studio. Her books and art are displayed at Best Friends Art Gallery in the coastal town of Dana Point.



FANTASY & FUN. WHAT WE ALL WANT IN LIFE. SEE THE PRETTY PICTURES. THEN LOOK CLOSELY. Nestled in the landscape of each lyrical painting is a verse. Award-winning author & illustrator of children’s books, Laura the painter suggests that “life’s experience” is really one big story, a story filled with many smaller stories, or vignettes. Like a box waiting to be opened, a vignette can hold a surprise. It could be an answer. Or a question. A challenge or dilemma. It could be an event, an idea or just a feeling. A slice of life. This series of paintings, with images and a few words, portray these vignettes.

Collectors are first attracted to the charming and whimsical characters, color and composition. But soon, along with the verse, images realistic and surrealistic, are discovered. A chess piece, a checkerboard. Symbols of strategy. A number, a spade, a musical note... leaves resembling fish?

Wherever the chosen paths lead, every life will take on its own story, one for which each painting tells. With and through its story, each life will take on its own unique shape. Molded by the one who lives it. And each individual becomes the creator.