Jonathan Sanchez

Jonathan Sanchez


I studied art in Florida, Italy and Colorado. Hoping to begin a Masters in Art Education. Studied art restoration and museum studies in Florence, Italy. worked for two art museums in Switzerland while there I had a studio and took part in many exhibits from London to Macedonian.

I continue to produce mostly paintings, though I have produced sculptures, prints, photos, and videos. My mode of preference is acrylic expressive abstraction in a large format.

Currently I reside in Phoenix Arizona and briefly had a gallery in Scotsdale. The last major show I did was in Denver but will show in Tampa in September.

I am lucky enough to have paintings hanging in many homes, in around eight countries.


Recent works

Some recent acrylic works

Jostle “Jostle ”

Jostle is hanging in Mesa Arizona

Vast Lush Luminous “Vast Lush Luminous”

Vast Lush Luminous was created in Denver for a show there.

Roadside Ruin “Roadside Ruin”

This was inspired by the many ruined old hotels motels and attractions that liter forgotten old towns of the west.
It is my most recent approach of using painted wood and sandpaper to create works that look found or weathered.
Sold to private collectors in Denver.

Desert Heat Fragmented 2 “Desert Heat Fragmented 2”

Created for a show in Denver a more clean direction for me less expressive more about color and composition.