Daniel David Talegaonkar

Daniel David Talegaonkar

Location: India

I am a graphic designer by training and worked for several years after graduation in the commercial art world. The Fine Arts always fascinated me and I used to indulge in this ‘hobby’ in my spare time, hoping to straddle two worlds simultaneously. But then that day did dawn when I realised that the constant demands of the commercial art world were taking me away from the Fine Arts. In 2006 I broke off links with the commercial art world and took the plunge into an uncertain realm, which I believed, promised me an exciting voyage.

I worked with various artists, participating in study tours in various parts of India and meeting fellow artists at the Sanskar Bharti, and The Art Society of India at Mumbai, every Sunday. I exhibited my drawings at various group shows between 2007 and 2012. Remarkably, on the very first day with this group, I was inspired by the subjects before me to start using the one-line drawing technique, which now has become my favourite style. I also gradually began working on inkscapes and delighted in using variations of different brush techniques using black ink.

My first solo show in March 2011, at The Nehru Centre Art Gallery in Mumbai, was a tribute to the city of Benaras, whose ancient temples, ghats and affable residents, inspired me a lot. Many art lovers appreciated my works and encouraged me to continue experimenting and developing my technique and for this I am grateful to them. Since then I have done other solo shows at Gallerie Leela, Mumbai,Trident Art Walk, Mumbai and Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai.


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