Rosemarie Schenk

Rosemarie Schenk

Location: Canada

Rosemarie Schenk

Painter, Palette Knife Artist

21 Macallister Crt, Barrie, Ontario, L4N7M6

Rosemarie, a seasoned self-taught artist, is a firm believer that creativity makes for an interesting and colorful journey through life. Together with her husband of 34 years, they have raised three wonderful children and she knows first hand the importance of a creative circle.

As one of seven siblings, she started her creative journey as a child, drawing everything she encountered and eventually graduated to painting with various mediums. For the last few years oil has been her medium of choice with its vibrant colors and versatile strokes, be it with brush or palette knife.

She gets her inspiration from glimpses in her mind, observing everything, photographs she or her husband have taken, pictures e-mailed to her from friends, sketches made during trips she has taken, five years living with nature in White River, but more often than not she is inspired by 21 years looking off her back deck or front porch at the glorious sunsets, sunrises, hills and trees, of the 10 acres that she had called home.

Creativity is a way of life for her. Her paintings are an expression of mood or emotion within a design that allows a window in for people to see or feel what they want or need to see or feel. She considers her style as an "EXPRESSIVE COLORIST" with a palette knife. The daily tools that are brought to the easel are raw emotion, positive energy, wonderment, observation, and true excitement. She may call on her long term tools, years of self study, discipline and tenacity, when needed.
Honesty to her craft is her utmost strength as she strives, with each creation, to convey the glimpses of visions that flow constantly through her consciousness

Rosemarie's paintings hang in private homes throughout Canada and the United States.