Jennifer Smithwell

Jennifer Smithwell

Location: Canada

Jennifer Smithwell's work is largely plein air and is colorist impressionism. It has also been referred to as post-empressioniist and expressionist. I work with oil and acrylics on canvas. My work is landscape, often with people or a community presence apparent. I wish to create scenes that are sincere in their expression of the contemporary experience. My work is often very bright or contains vibrant elements. I find that this draws people into the work and to considering everyday scenes in a new light, in a way that is more successful than using a photo-realistic style. My clients find the works to be emotionally uplifting and energizing to their spaces..

I was admitted directly to second year of Ontario College of Art and Design and have studied through courses there and Toronto School of Art, Halliburton School of Art, Avenue Road School of Art and through many other opportunities.

Jennifer Smithwell has won dozens of juried awards in Canada, and international shows.

Her work is available at Framing Dames Gallery in Scarborough and various seasonal show and is also available from the website or by private appointments for viewings.



These are landscape paintings, largely of Toronto Locations

Kew Beach Wading pool “Kew Beach Wading pool”

This is a painting of the Kew Beach Wading pool in the Beach in Toronto, Canada

Urban Laneway “Urban Laneway”

This is a painting of Percy Street in Toronto

 The Ashbridges House “ The Ashbridges House ”

This House is on Queen Street East and used to be owned by the Ashbridge's family

The Boardwalk “The Boardwalk”

This is the Boardwalk, in the Beach, Toronto, Canada

Distillery District “Distillery District”

This is the Distillery
District, in Toronto, Canada. This was painted plein air.

Snowscape “Snowscape”

This is in the Highland Creek Conservation area , in Toronto

Gull River “Gull River”

This piece was painted plein air ( directly from life) at Gull River, Ontario. It uses silhouettes and colorist techniques to convey the warm light and calm atmosphere of this scenic spot

Nesters “Nesters”

This is a painting of "Nesters" , a store on Queen Street East in Toronto. The color choices reflect the quality of the light in full sun, shadow, inside and outside, and the vibrancy of the flowers makes them stand out against the relatively more neutral colors. The eclectic and well displayed nature of the items on display is typical of Queen Street East shops.

Leuty at Night “Leuty at Night”

This is an oil painting, painted at night plein air ( directly from life ). Painted on the night of a full moon, the moonlight allows some color to the dark sky but the sky still contrasts starkly against the lights on the Leuty Life Guard Station. Most images of this building are of it in the Daylight so this one allows people to see a familar sight in a new way and thus perhaps look at it again more closely. This painting won " Best Oil painting in Show" at the Beach Guild of Fine Art Show.

Rainy Maui “Rainy Maui”

We had gone up Mount Haleakala to see the sunset. We had to leave before it was quite done, as it was freezing up there. On the way down, it started to rain and there was still a glimmer in the sky, which is seen also on the distant hills. Thus this scene of Rainy Maui. This painting is in Oils on Canvas

Pathway “Pathway”

This Painting was done Plein Air ( directly from life) at Rosetta McClain Gardens in Toronto. I set up of the side of the path, as I was draw to the subtle dappling of the light on the pathway from the trees shadows. Part way throught the painting a gentleman sat to rest on the wall and it was obvious to me that he belongs in the painting. The painting is done in a colorist way and is a blending of the colors of the quality of the light and the local color.

Tropical Sunset “Tropical Sunset”

This is a scene in Kauii, Hawaii. A beautiful Tropical sunset that glowed behind a the silhouetting foliage.

Gull River Rapids “Gull River Rapids”

This piece was painted Plein Air ( directly from life) while standing in the shallows of the gull River. It shows the Rapids and the dynamic brushwork reflects the motion in the whitewater in the river.