If you could see inside my brain, you'd watch Imagination and Creativity holding hands, racing down the beach as they build entire sand castle neighborhoods and animal farms and magical gardens. Their energy and ideas are what drive me, and my camera is their outlet. Together, we make an awesome team and we don't hold back.

Newborns, children, teens, families, individuals, weddings, pets, flowers, products, you name it, I've shot it. I love working with the people in front of my camera to capture what makes them uniquely beautiful, pulling out their story and combining it with a richness, depth, vibrance, and clarity that leaves them awestruck and delighted when they see it. I guess you could say I'm all about creating really meaningful eye candy for people. Who would be in such an image for you? I want to meet them!

The only dream I can remember as a child was to be a photographer when I grew up. With countless amounts of photo albums and a path that finally led me to my career in Photography, I have arrived.

My son Broderick grew up thinking his poor mom couldn't see him unless she was looking through a viewfinder. Fortunately, just as he figured out it was a camera and not a prerequisite to getting my attention, along came his sister, Alleah. I hope you meet them through my eyes in the photos that I've taken, because I'm pretty sure they're Imagination and Creativity, the ones holding hands and running down the beach in my mind.


Trimood Photography

Some personal, some for fun

In the night “In the night”

model Shahrzad Mahmoudi
makeup AND hair Shiree Collier

My boy “My boy”

all joy xo.

Princess “Princess”

Hair costume makeup Shiree Collier