SELENE began painting as a child. After her mother brought her to an art class at the young age of 8, she never put the brush down.

Raised in Kansas on a farm, SELENE found passion in her art as a painter. She competed in many contests throughout high school and was awarded scholarships such as the Marie Walsh Foundation of Colorado Springs, CO. By the time she was 18, she nearly completed 2 years of college.

SELENE applied to the leading art school of the world and was accepted. The local news followed her story about this great accomplishment. In 1989, SELENE headed to Parsons School of Design in NYC.

Through the years, SELENE has continued to paint and develop her talent. She has been featured at galleries around the country from NYC to California.

She has an elite following of private collectors from around the world. SELENE creates original works of art in acrylics. She is known for her color and textured work and enjoys creating large scale works of art.

After moving from NYC to Calabasas, CA, SELENE continues to use her art as a way to raise money for important causes. One painting, valued at $25K, was donated in honor of Barbra Streisand at the MusiCares / 2011 GRAMMY awards. Philanthropic work.

SELENE won first place in ArtSlant's Global Artist Award for her Rock Series. Most recently, SELENE has been selected to work as an artist on a national project for the war against drugs. More can be found at: