Julie Robitaille

Julie Robitaille was born and raised in Los Angeles. A published novelist with an M.A. in English Literature, she has spent much of her career working in the creative end of the film industry.

She brings a background in writing and psychology to her paintings, both abstract and figurative. Symbology and myth are woven into into her creative process, and in her mixed media pieces she examines subtext to reveal what is hidden beneath the surface.

A fascination with cycles and infinity informs all of her work and can be seen in the different galleries, as she moves from dark to light and back again in materials and intent. Robitaille's current focus is on the interpretation of organic forms and settings, exploring nature with intense, sometimes surreal colors and shapes and emphasizing the light and bright in the New Works.

Robitaille lives in the California desert.


New Works

New Works is a series of abstract and abstract expressionist paintings that explores nature and organic forms with intense, sometimes surreal colors and shapes that merge and flow into one another.

very mixed media

This series of collages and wall hangings used wire, paper, canvas, rusted tools, old metal, rug backing, paint, chalk, found objects. . . and more and more and more. Some of the wall hangings explore the mystical meanings of numbers, and some of the collages reflect personal journeys and poetry.