Born in Connecticut in 1954, Chesney’s affinity for art became evident in childhood when she observed her father painting, drawing and creating with wood.

Transitioning from her technology career to commit to painting in 2001, she relocated from San Francisco to the laid-back California desert. Over subsequent years she surrendered layer upon layer of material possessions, freeing her to funnel her energies into her most important occupation; painting.

Chesney paints in a fluid language of vibrant color, texture and passion. Her paintings often start with a thick sub-layer of molding paste. On that she paints a rich dance of color and light. Her primary medium is acrylic paint to which she adds a variety of agents and materials.

Chesney’s training is an amalgam of autodidactic, classes by renowned SF artist Tesia Blackburn, classes at the San Francisco School of Art and classes at the Desert Fine Arts Academy in Palm Springs, CA. In 2003 & 2004 Chesney taught art to elementary school students in Cathedral City, CA for the Desert Fine Art Foundation.

Prominent influences on her paintings are Amedeo Modigliani on her inspired faces, Helen Frankenthaler & Jackson Pollock on her impassioned abstracts & abstract landscapes and Jim Dine on her thought-provoking hearts.


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